Keely (artisticflop) wrote in missing_kisses,

my joining

it's interesting. at first I wasn't going to join here because i was reading a lot of stories about people with a boyfriend who they were away from. I read the part about a loved one and decided to anyways. I'm a special case here, so my sophomore year in high school I fell hard for this guy Brian, well time moves through things and rejection comes and goes, and somewhere and i'm not entirely sure where this guy became my big brother, my best friend, and I think about him all the time, I love him, but there are all kinds of love. I can't imagine surviving without knowing him, so I found myself feeling at a loss since he's joined the Marine Corp (4 year contract). He's in his second year and is most likely shipping out to Iraq early in 2005. I miss his talks, I miss driving around, I miss his hugs that make everything okay. So besides the fact that he's never going to be more than my most amazing best friend I think that's all that separates me from perhaps the rest here. But I joined because I figured I'd at least find some people who REALLY understand.
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