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missing_kisses's Journal

Sighing Hearts... Lonely Arms...
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This community is for those of us who may have a spouse, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, or loved one who we are separated from and miss terribly. However, this community isn't necessarily limited to those of us in long distance relationships, but it emcompasses all of us who think about our better half constantly, whether they be 10 miles away, 20 miles away, a half a world away, or just outside. We love our loves and love being near them. If you need a place to express yourself, or say how much you miss someone, look to advice, or just ramble on endlessly about your love, this is the place to do it.

With that in mind, go and share.


[] Be considerate. No one here should be here to tear down others. It's great to have people you can relate to and share with, when people feel that they can't be honest, it tears out the very roots of this community. If you're here to put down others in *any* way, go someplace else.
[] Understand. Some people have different views on relationships then you might have, it's fine to express your own veiws, but again, we're not here to put down anyone's way of life.
[] No Anonymous posting. If you're signed on at a different computer, please sign the comment with your LJ name, otherwise, anonymous posts will be removed. Also, if we start to have problems with that anonymous posting will be disabled all together.

These are all common sense rules, and easy enough to follow. Other then that, have fun posting away.


[] sapphirexfinsTaye
AIM: Sapphirexfins

Community E-mail: xxanglcprncezzxx@hotmail.com

Thank you crystal_blitz for the community background! You can check out crystal_blitz at mirrorballicons