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__"I love you" letters__

Man, my boyfriend just hates to write letters. But seeing as how I am a girl and I like to get letters from him I make him write me one every now and then. Tonight, he suprised me and wrote me one all on his own. :)

Hello beautiful!

Surprise! its andrew howie and hes writeing you a letter!!! Hi babygirl =) *i wrote a letter and u didnt even know i was writing it* hehe. hopes it makes u happys cuz, I LOVE YOU like monkeys have fleas! =)

I hopes u had a good day at work. i was bored sitting here at the computer all day. u never got online or called till u got off work. what did u do all day? I hopes u thought about me cuz i thought about you oodles. But i do that everyday cuz im 514% in love with you. babygirl im coming to see u soon =) and we gonna do lots of cuddling and kissing cuz I <3 that kinda stuff. =). what u think i should bring with me besides clothes and the tooth brush and stuffs? oh yea. money. thats what ur gonna say. anything else? Ill let u keep my pillow and steal urs on the way home if u wanna =) then i can hold it and wish it was u <3<3 xoxoxo

I dreamded about u last night. we were kissing. it was pretty. You keeps ignoreing me and stuffs lately. me gets sad when u dont answer me or when u talk to other ppl more then me. Me is super paranoid about looseing you cuz ur the most wonderful thing in my life and I usually loose whats most important to me. And ur most definatly the most important thing to me, and i so dont wanna loose you. I <3 my babygirl times this many *holds up 11 fingers*

I wants to hurry up and finish my letter so u can read it and smiles. I loves makeing you smile =) you has the most beautiful smile in the whoooollleeee world. yup its right there *points at ur lips* oooh i wanna kiss them =) *kissy* I love you bunches babygirl. all the way to the big cheese in the sky and back. speaking of the moon, where is it. its oober dark outside. i hopes its a full moon when im there and theres lots and lots of stars to lay and look @ with you =). and i hopes i gets some money between now and then =X.

Soooo I love you and merry christmas and stuff. with love and randomness, andrew howie <3 xoxoxoxo me kissing you.

Ps. I'll take u to the candy shop.=D

He will be here in 33 days. I can NOT wait :)

:) this community is darling. :)
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